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What's this site about?

Hi, my name's David. I went to university and got a traditional Computer Science degree. However, when I finally got into the job market, I was surprised at just how unprepared I was for it.

I'm building this site to be a guide to real-world full-stack development. I'll talk about my experience working as a developer at companies like Google and Stripe, and lessons that took me years to figure out through experience.

Learn JavaScript by watching

This is my work-in-progress series of videos on building JavaScript apps from the ground-up. You learn HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript without any libraries first.

Read about how to write good tests

If you don't test your applications yet, this series will take you through the reasoning behind automated testing, how to write unit tests, and guidelines for making sure they don't become a maintenance burden down the road.

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Fixing a Bug in the Chat app (Part 2)

In this video, I discovered that there was a bug in our chat code that caused the node server to crash. Oops! I explain how the bug occurs and fix it by going through the documentation, as you would if you were doing this yourself.

At the end, I also mention a little bit about how I use the Git integration in emacs, which is called magit.

You can keep an eye on the JavaScript tag for when new videos come out.

Enjoy, and as always, let me know what you thought of it! ...


Pushing the chat app to Github (part 1.5)

This one is more of a bonus video, as I'm not actually doing anything JavaScript related in this post. This is just git and Github. However, here at Fullstack Industries, I teach everything related to building apps, and that also sometimes means tooling....


Building a chat app with Node.js (part 1)

Today, I started working on a chat application in Node.js. The point is to explore WebSockets, the npm ecosystem, and node. It's meatier than the Github widget that I built earlier, so it's going to take a few episodes to get there.

Nevertheless, I did get something working by the end of this video!...